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Grasshopper’s Ocean Beach Discovery

Straws are a common find on all SF beaches – this one was found by Grasshopper on Ocean Beach this morning next to the carcass of a crab. Chilling reminder of how plastics in the ocean harm sea creatures .

I don’t know how this little crab came to his demise on the beach but I bet he hated plastic straws. I found some straws on Baker Beach this morning too. Yep, I find them every day.┬áNature vs. plastics.


You find the darndest things at the beach…

In addition to the usual suspects – plastic straws, styrofoam pieces, little plastic bits – I found a plastic bag full of shwaggy marijuana on the beach this morning… Bet someone’s bummed about that one. I guess plastic is used for just about everything.

Plastics Rant

At the beach this morning I found a variety of annoying plastic but the worst by far was a tiny little 8oz water bottle. Crystal Geyser and Trader Joe’s are both making and selling these now. How absolutely annoying and maddening that now there is a market for a teeny tiny 3 sip bottle of water that is gone within seconds and then left on the beach or wherever the consumer decides to leave it. As if the 12oz wasn’t bad enough. Yes, I found straws too. And bottle caps and all of the usual small hard plastics. Stay away from Baker Beach tiny water bottle drinking people!

Lemonade from lemons…

In Uganda plastic pollution is a big problem. Ugandan women have begun making woven bags out of used plastic drinking straws. While I would prefer to eliminate plastic straws all together, this is a very creative and really quite beautiful use of plastic waste. I want one.

Big pink straw I tripped over at the beach this morning

We had about 150 people show up for our latest clean up this last weekend so it’s been pretty clean at Baker . But as of this morning the beach was getting a bit grubby again and I tripped over this big bright pink straw and picked up a bunch of other plastic. Bummer.